2021 Herbster Angus Farms Bull and Female Sale

April 12, 2021~ 1:00 PM

 ~ Marysville Livestock Auction ~ Marysville, KS ~

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 Please feel free to call Ed or Mandy to set up a visit to view these great bulls at the farm in Falls City, Nebraska. They will be moved to Marysville on April 10, 2021 and will be available for viewing at the sale facility on April 11, 2021 through the sale on April 12th.

 Ed: 612-859-9815 or Mandy: 402-245-7939


Lot 1.jpg
Lot 1 ~ Herbster American Citizen 053 ~ 19959478
America X RB Lady Standard 305-890

A special sale highlight, American Citizen is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to invest in some of the most proven and profitable pedigrees in the Angus business. The only direct “890” son by America in existence, American Citizen is long-sided and stout from end to end. He brings a correct, powerful phenotype and breed-leading performance to a sterling pedigree. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy one of our best! Packed with generations of maternal superiority, American Citizen’s pedigree contains the longevity of Madame Pride, the maternal strength of Blackcap May, and the birth-to-yearling spread power of Lady Standard. This bull will sire bull calves who are marked with breed character and females who are ideal Angus replacements with beautiful, functional udders.


cover 2021.jpeg
Lot 4.jpg
No. 1 weaning ratio and No 1. ADJ yearling weight bull of the entire offering. 
Lot 4 ~ Herbster American Honor 064 ~ 19825997
America X Herbster Madame Pride 764

Herbster American Honor tied with Lot 26 for the No. 1 weaning ratio position. He went on to outgain his contemporaries and grabbed the No. 1 yearling ratio spot in this year’s sale. He adjusted to a great weaning weight of 820 pounds and ratioed 112, and has an equally impressive 1428-pound yearling weight. Lot 4’s mother, Herbster Madame Pride 764, is poised to make Pathfinder this year, and we plan to put her into transplant this spring. She has 2WR@118, 2YR@113, 2IMF@104, and 2RE@102. She already has her next high-ratioing calf on the ground in 2021. She produced the high-selling bull in our 2020 sale selling for $11,750. Herbster American Honor’s grandam, HF Cruzs Pride 777, is a full sister to the dam of “0075,” America’s dam. That famous cow is SAV Madame Pride 8264, our donor. Selling 1/2 semen revenue sharing interest and full possession.


Lot 7.jpg
Lot 7 ~ Herbster American Grit 030 ~ 19825986
America X Herbster Blackcap May 839

Herbster Angus Farms Manager Ed Raithel loves this bull! If you study American Grit’s pedigree top and bottom with the number of great cows that influence his genetics, you will be blown away at the possibilities of his future production. Maternal masterpieces RB Lady Standard 305-890 (mother of Game Changer), SAV Blackcap May 4136 (mother

of President), SAV Madame Pride 0075 (mother of America), SAV Blackcap May 1443 (sister to Resource), and SAV Emblynette 7749 (mother of Harvestor) are in his pedigree—adding star power to both the maternal and paternal lines. A moderate, functional bull, he scored almost perfect on his claw and angle. He is powerful out of the back side of his shoulder, adding to his extra forerib expression and power throughout. With a weaning ratio of 101 in a stout contemporary group, his first-calf-heifer dam is off to a greatstart. He had an actual 72-pound birthweight.


Lot 6.jpg
Lot 6 ~ Herbster American Glory 088 ~ 19825998
America X Herbster Lucy 147

American Glory is a moderate, easy-fleshing herd bull that comes from a stellar maternal line. HF Lucy 147, his mother, has been an outstanding producer for us with 7WR@108. Maternal brothers to Lot 6 have been very well-received in our past sales—they are sought after by our commercial and registered breeders alike. With a ton of production proof and a heavy WR@115, American Glory is wide from end to end with width in his top and plenty of shape in his twist. Another great-footed America son, he received perfect marks on angle and claw.  


lot 9.jpg
Lot 9 ~ Herbster Hamilton 048 ~ 19826007
America X Cherry of Conanga 2475

Herbster Hamilton is a direct son of our $110,000 Angus Foundation Heifer selection from Connealy Angus, Cherry of Conanga 2475. She is a ripping good Pathfinder cow, posting 4WR@108. This long-spined, 6.25-frame performance bull excels in all pertinent growth traits. With his 796-pound actual weaning weight, and being top 3% for YW EPD, top 4% for CW and WW EPD, and the top 10% for $F EPD of Non-Parent sires, this young bull will not let you down when it comes to growth.

Lot 10.jpg
Hickory Hill Erica 009
Lot 10 ~ Herbster American Charm 066 ~ 19826002
America X Hickory Hill Erica 009

What a great opportunity to acquire one-of-a-kind genetics! Sired by our $1.51-million world-record and top-selling bull, America, and out of the mother of Southern Charm, Hickory Hill Erica 009, American Charm 066 excels in EPD growth traits. When we viewed Southern Charm in 2018, we knew he was the next step to enhance our cow base and an excellent outcross to our SAV genetics with his great carcass traits. We felt so strongly about this move, we purchased Southern Charm, along with his mother and his grandmother, Hickory Hill Erica TA32. In this sale, buyers have their first opportunity to purchase direct sons out of these great cows. American Charm ranks in the top 2% for WW, 5% for YW, 4% for Claw, 10% for Angle, and 10% for RE when compared to other Non-Parent sires. Don’t overlook the fact that the Lot 10 bull is a maternal sibling to Southern Charm! Lot 10 is a maternal brother to Southern Charm, a phenotypic favorite of visitors at ORIgen. He was a powerful and easy-fleshing sire with a phenomenal fertility level and was the leading sales sire at ORIgen for 2018 and ranked No. 2 in 2019.

Lot 11.jpg
Lot 11 ~ American Charm 080 ~ 19826005
America X Hickory Hill Erica TA32

This powerful, 6.5-frame bull ranks in the top 2% of Non-Parent sires for WW, 10% for YW, 10% for CW, and 10% for RE. Recommended for cows only, he is built for power. His EPD profile confirms that growth potential. Heavy-muscled, loose-hided, big-boned, and great in his skeleton, this bull can travel and will sire calves with pounds!  His mother, Hickory Hill Erica TA32, sealed the deal on buying Southern Charm for Ed Raithel, Manager of Herbster Angus Farms. “She’s super long and is the kind of female that will have progeny that will grow,” said Ed.  “For a 14-year-old cow, in the elite percentiles for 11 EPDs, is unprecedented. She jumps through every performance and carcass hoop and she’s still flushing!” Hickory Hill Erica TA32 has 8WR@109. His maternal sister is the mother of Southern Charm, a phenotypic favorite of visitors at ORIgen. He was a powerful and easy-fleshing sire with a phenomenal fertility level, and he was the leading sales sire at ORIgen for 2018 and ranked No. 2 in 2019. 


Lot 12.jpg
No. 1 $W EPD in the offering.
Lot 12 ~ Herbster Heartland 093 ~ 19826008
President X Hickory Hill Erica TA32

A moderate-framed bull, Heartland has been a visitor favorite at Herbster Angus Farms. One of two maternal brothers to the mother of Southern Charm, Heartland ranks in the top 10% of Non-Parent sires for $EN and 1% for $M. If you are looking for a bull to add great maternal genetics into your herd, Heartland is your expert. Also ranking in the top 2% for $W, you can count on making a premium when you sell heavy, Heartland-sired steers at weaning. Thick from end-to-end and massive-topped, Heartland is an easy individual to admire and will be a favorite on sale day. Heartland’s maternal sister is the mother of Southern Charm, a phenotypic favorite of visitors at ORIgen. He was a powerful and easy-fleshing sire with a phenomenal fertility level, and he was the leading sales sire at ORIgen for 2018 and ranked No. 2 in 2019.


Lot 13.jpg
Vintage Rita 5578
No. 1 ADJ WW in the offering.
Lot 13 ~ Herbster Fillmore 0117 ~ 19826000
President X Vintage Rita 5578

The Lot 13 bull, stamped with the CAB seal of quality, is packed with maternal and carcass traits to take your herd up a notch. He ranks in the top 1% of Non-Parent sires for YW, the top 3% for WW, and in the top 1% and 4% for Angle and Claw. Sometimes we don’t agree with the EPDs outlined by the AAA, but in this instance we do. We gave him perfect scores on his claw and angle, and he weighed up well at weaning and yearling. Having a 70-pound actual birth weight, a 786-pound actual weaning weight, and a 1310-pound actual yearling weight on February 18, Fillmore has some growth! You won’t sacrifice phenotype, growth, or carcass by selecting this great young bull. An outcross maternal pedigree to many midwestern herds, Fillmore is a sale favorite of the crew.


lot 14.jpg
Lot 14 ~ Herbster Franklin 0112 ~ 19826003
President X Vintage Rita 5578

The Lot 14 bull is excellent in his structure and has solid performance data on file. Weighing 76 pounds at birth and growing to 756 at weaning, this strapping young bull is a very good choice for programs wanting to add moderate birth weights with the ability to weigh heavy at weaning.


Vintage Rita 5578
Lot 15.jpg
Lot 15 ~ Herbster President 9199 ~ 19718758
President X Cherry of Conanga 2475

Like the flush brothers who sold in our 2020 sale, Herbster President 9199 has been a standout since birth. His mother, Cherry of Conanga 2475, is an ideal Angus cow and is a Pathfinder dam. When Herbster Angus Farms Owner Charles W. Herbster and Manager Ed Raithel picked out “2475” as the 2013 $110,000 Angus Foundation Heifer Donation from Connealy Angus, they had a great feeling about her future. She’s been a stellar donor who records 4WW@108. With “2475” as their dam, Lot 15 is sure to add cow power to programs looking to keep productive daughters back in their herds. The Lot 15 bull ranks in the top 10% of Non-Parent bulls for WW and had a weaning ratio of 104. Genomically, Lot 15 ranks in the elite percentiles for WW, RE, and Tend, all while having a moderate CED and BW HD50 marker that correlates with his actual 72-pound birth weight.  

Lot 18.jpg
No. 1 Marb EPD and actual IMF in the offering. 
Lot 18 ~ Herbster Husker Charm 097 ~ 19825984
Southern Charm X SAV Emblynette 7815

The Lot 18 bull is something special and carries a Certified Angus Beef seal of excellence. We chose to purchase and heavily use Southern Charm as a no-nonsense outcross bull with a proven record for producing great carcass cattle that work in many environments. Out of a first-calf heifer, Herbster Husker Charm 097 ratioed 106 at weaning and has the No. 1 marbling EPD in the entire sale. His grandam, SAV Emblynette 2369, ranks as the No. 1 $B and the No. 2 marbling cow at Schaff Angus Valley. If his performance data isn’t what impresses you, his added style and feature should catch your eye on sale day. 

Lot 24.jpg
No. 1 Actual weaning weight in the offering. 
Lot 24 ~ Herbster Cheyenne 007 ~ 19826009
Sundance X Herbster Rita 811

A high-weaning weight bull in a “heifer bull” package, Cheyenne weighed an actual 842 pounds at weaning to ratio 119, putting him second in a tough contemporary group. Cheyenne grew well to yearling, adjusting to 1373 and ratioed 113. Weighing a modest 70 pounds at birth, this heifer bull ranks in the elite HD50 percentiles for WW, YW, and CW.

Lot 32.jpg
Lot 32 ~ Herbster Link 9206 ~ 19718756
Ambassador X Herbster Blossom 4150

Ed Raithel, Manager of Herbster Angus Farms, really loves the pedigree on this bull. A best of all worlds, you’ll get carcass with the Rita cow family, a calving ease version of “4136” in Sensation, and pure performance power in the Emblynettes. Twist in maternal and carcass in the Blossom cow family and the Legacy line, and you get a no-compromise pedigree in a long-spined, attractive package that could add some frame score.

lot 33.jpg
Lot 33 ~ Herbster Dodge 075 ~ 19825996
Pedigree  X Herbster Forever Lady 6217

Dodge is loaded with the kind of females that exemplify udder quality and maternal excellence. Lot 33 is a moderate-framed, double digit, calving ease bull, who had an actual birth weight of 68 pounds. He screams calving ease. Dodge grew well at weaning, ratioing 103, and excelled to yearling to ratio 107. Dodge ranks 5% Non-Parent sires for RE. Extended and clean through his front end, he is exceptionally long throughout. Near perfect in his foot shape and skeletal design, he will pass on those traits to future generations.

Lot 34.jpg
Lot 34 ~ Herbster Grant 043 ~ 19828843
VAR Signal 7244  X Sandpoint Blackbird 8809

If you are hunting EPD superiority, look no further than the excellent herd bull that sells as Lot 34. The most elite spread bull in the sale, Grant bends the curve. A double-digit, calving ease bull with great growth potential, Grant is a favorite of the crew in the birth weight specialist category. He ranks in the top 1% of Non-Parent sires for CED, the top 2% for Doc and Claw, the top 4% for angle, and the top 10% for BW. Don’t overlook the fact that he is very respectable in growth traits as well as ranking in the top 15% for YW, $G, and $B. We took Sandpoint Blackbird 8809, our $500,000 “mother-of-herd sires” and mixed her with Sitz Henrietta Pride 643T. We truly believe in cow power, and combining maternal greats is how we breed cattle. Selling 1/2 Semen revenue sharing interest and full possession. 

No. 1 CED and BW EPD in the offering. 
Lot 35.jpg
Lot 35 ~ Herbster Stanton 0102 ~ 19828841
VAR Signal 7244  X Herbster Blackcap 296

Using VAR Signal was a great outcross addition to our first-calf heifer program, and this is another superior example of a “sleep-all-night” heifer bull. With an actual birth weight of 70 pounds, Stanton is yet another curve bender, ratioing 88 for birth and racing to a weaning ratio of 110. His mother is a very prolific Harvestor daughter with a calving interval on seven calves at 366 days. She also proves to be an outlier for IMF with 4IMF@119. Stanton ranks in the elite HD50K percentiles for CED, BW, and Doc—he’s a hands-off bull for producers looking for fertility, longevity, calving ease, and carcass.

Lot 41.jpg
M2C/PHF Eternity 414B
Lot 41 SimAngus ~ Herbster Sensation 721E ~ ASA 3540244
Sensation  X M2C/PHF Eternity 414B (PB SIM) 

We used “721E” as a walking bull on our later-calving angus cows, and as you can see by our offering of his SimAngus replacement daughters in Lots 52-61, he sires those fancy commercial replacements everyone is searching for. A “sleep-all-night” heifer bull, we think you’d have to drive the wheels off of your pickup to find a bull who is better-footed and any more sound than “721E!” He maintains his condition score well and can cover a lot of cows. 

Sired by our $950,000 valuation, Sensation, “721E” will fix udders and add angularity to any female he is mated to. We love the cow power and joint work on those SimAngus replacements! His mother, M2C/PHF Eternity 414B, “Holly” was the 2015 Grand Champion Purebred Simmental female for Miranda Raithel, daughter of Herbster Angus Farms managers Ed and Mandy Raithel, at the 2015 American Royal Purebred Simmental Junior Show. “Holly’s” daughters are proving to be amazing replacements—they are gentle, milky, and maternal. She is one of Ed’s favorite Simmental cows in history. 

Selling 1/2 semen revenue sharing interest and full possession. Reserving 500 units of 40-million-count semen for in-herd use. 

Lot 42.jpg
M2C/PHF Eternity 414B
Lot 42 SimAngus ~ Herbster Enterprise 925G ~ ASA 3686437
Enterprise  X M2C/PHF Eternity 414B (PB SIM) 

“925G” is another SimAngus son out of Miranda’s 2014 American Royal Junior Show Grand Champion Purebred Simmental Female. Explosive in his muscle and wide in his top, “925G” has huge feet and excellent, smooth joints in a black-hided, moderate package. He grew well and adjusted to 763 pounds with a 116-weaning weight ratio. 

His sire, Enterprise, is producing great females with perfect udders. We have the first set in production this spring. We expect the daughters by “925G” to be excellent maternal cows with symmetrical, full udders. 

Just barely too young to make the sale in 2020, we thought he would make a perfect mature addition to the sale in 2021. He is not a “hold over.” Like his maternal brother who sells as Lot 41, “925G” is ready to cover a big group of cows.