2021 Herbster Angus Farms Bull Sale

April 12, 2021

 ~ Marysville Livestock Auction ~ Marysville, KS ~

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Info on the 2021 bulls will be uploaded shortly. The bulls below are the 2020 offering. 

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Lot 2 ~ Herbster Loyalist 958 ~ 19526282
President X RB Lady Standard 305-890

Perhaps the most visually stunning bull in this flush, Loyalist is on the of those calves that sifts himself to the top of the bull pen on phenotype. Good on calving ease, Loyalist has a moderate Birth Weight EPD and an actual birth weight of 78 pounds. The Lady family has been a constant producer for us. The 15 daughters in production we have retained are superior replacements with an average weaning ratio of 103. With his $W number in the high 70s, Loyalist is sure to add profitable pounds at weaning and his calves will look good topping the fall calf sales at your local livestock auction! Selling ½ semen revenue sharing interest and full possession. 


Lot 8 ~ Herbster Leader 901 ~ 19526278
President X SAV Abigale 5650

Lots 8 and 9 are flush brothers and direct sons of our powerful $375,000 donor, SAV Abigale 5650. These President bulls are backed by generations of great cows. They are an outstanding blend of two proven cow families in the Angus breed today, the Abigales and the Blackcap Mays. These two bulls are maternal brothers to our sires Pursuit, Recruit, Positive, and Fieldmaster. Look for them to add maternal excellence, functionality, and performance integrity to your cow herd. They are the standard of perfection for growth, style, and mothering ability.


Dam of Lots 8&9
Lot 10 ~ Herbster Declaration 996 ~ 19446653
President X Cherry of Conanga 2475

A favorite flush of the ranch crew, Herbster Declaration 996 and Herbster Constitution 999 have been a stand-out bull calves since birth. They have that superior President disposition with a smooth, attractive phenotype, perfect leg set, and an ideal foot structure. Both bulls rank in the top 10% of Non-Parent sires for $M—their calves will grow to weaning and the heifers will make great in-herd replacements. 


When Herbster Angus Farms Owner Charles W. Herbster and Manager Ed Raithel picked out the mother of Lots 10 and 11, Cherry of Conanga 2475, as the 2013 $110,000 Angus Foundation Heifer Donation from Connealy Angus, they had a great feeling about her future. They did well! A Pathfinder dam, she has been a top-notch individual for revenue and performance. She records 4WW@108. Sons of “2475” are working for Acres Away Farm, Georgia; Todd Trask, Nebraska; and Payer Livestock, South Dakota. 


Declaration, the Lot 10 bull, ranks in the top 10% of Non-Parent sires for WW, Doc, Claw, and $M. His genomic markers suggest he will be in the elite ranks of the breed for docility. A growthy and efficient calf, he ratioed 108 at weaning. 


Lot 13 ~ Herbster Bravery 934 ~ 19526279
President X Cabin Creek Sandy 804

 A sale feature, Herbster Bravery 934 is as proud and prominent as his name. Long-spined and superior in his skeletal structure, the Lot 13 bull has style to burn. Herbster Angus Farms purchased a flush on KNC Cabin Creek Sandy 804 from Brad and Cindy Worthington of Rockin’ W Angus for her impeccable ability to produce progeny with superior phenotype, added bone, and explosive muscle. It was very logical to take President and flush him to this icon of Angus phenotype! KNC Cabin Creek Sandy 804 is responsible for many direct sons and daughters that have grabbed purple ribbons all across the United States and Canada. Her daughter, RW Super Sandy, by First Class, was the Grand Champion Junior Angus Female at the 2017 National Western Stock Show for the Schnoor Sisters. Our $80,000 full sister to “Super Sandy,” Brooking PM Sandy 7041, was named the 2019 Nebraska State Fair ROV Grand Champion Cow/Calf pair. If you are looking to add power and show ring style to your calves, look to Bravery. He ranks in the top 10% of Non-Parent sires for WW, YH, Claw, Angle, MW, and MH. If you want to look good, come back to the sale—proven growth and look genetics are on display! 


Lot 14 ~ Herbster Genesis 945 ~ 19526280
Seedstock X VAR Rita 5063

Our bull buyers were wanting bulls that would produce a premium carcass on the rail. Herbster Genesis 945 is that bull. He has the second-highest EPD for Marb in the entire offering at +.82. His mother, VAR Rita 5063, is a promising young donor in our program and we look for her to add much-needed carcass traits to our growth genetics. The “5063” cow will be one to watch in the future of both the Vintage Angus Ranch and Herbster Angus Farms programs. The top three direct daughters of “5063” daughters sold in the 2019 Vintage Angus Ranch Female Sale averaged over $33,000 and went to Spruce Mountain Ranch, Ingram Angus, and FB Genetics. The Lot 14 bull garners a great opportunity to purchase her first son to sell through the sale at Herbster Angus Farms. A full brother “in blood” to our $50,000 valuation herd sire, VAR Ambassador, Genesis will sire calves with added frame, carcass merit, and docility. Selling ½ semen revenue sharing interest and full possession.

Dam of Lot 14
Lot 16 ~ Herbster Legislator 919 ~ 19526287
Governor X Sensation X Blackcap May

We are extremely proud of the Blackcap May influence in the Herbster Angus Farms cow herd. Legislator is a triple-bred Blackcap May and combines the exceptional maternal excellence of SAV Blackcap May 4136 with the power, maternal superiority, and performance of the same family that produced SAV Net Worth. Out of a very productive, first-calf Sensation daughter, Legislator weighed 65 pounds at birth and had an actual weaning weight of 750 pounds to ratio 108. A brother to his dam by President sells in our strong fall bull division. Don’t miss this heifer bull with added power! Selling 1/2 semen revenue sharing interest and full possession. 

Lot 19 ~ Herbster Governor 962 ~ 19526283
Governor X Game Changer X Forever Lady

If added frame score, length of body, and pounds are what you are seeking, the Lot 19 bull has topped all those bells and whistles. Herbster Governor 962 has impressive growth and bioeconomical indexes—ranking in the top 4% of Non-Parent sires for WW, RADG, and $F. He also ranks in the top 2% for YW and CW. Bred to grow fast, his calves will furnish a great profit on calves sold at weaning. His first-calf mother is a productive Game Changer daughter backed by the Forever Lady family, known in Angus circles worldwide for their mothering ability and maternal traits. Sell the steer progeny at weaning and keep the daughters for great replacements! 


Lot 23 ~ Herbster Peak 918 ~ 19526262
Pedigree X Seedstock X Emblynette

Constructed like his sire, Herbster Peak 918 is long, smooth, and correct. His first-calf heifer dam has tremendous potential as a cow—she brought this strapping young bull across the weaning scale to ratio 103. She is a direct daughter of SAV Emblynette 6572, our most productive Schaff Angus Valley cow to date. A Pathfinder, “6572” has 11WW@103, 9YW@102, and 16IMF@102.  “6572” will raise her 12th calf this spring. Herbster Peak 918 has the highest YW EPD in the sale and ranks in the elite, genomically, for WW, YW, Doc, CW and RE. He also has EPDs in the top 1% of Non-Parent bulls for WW, YW, and CW. Superior growth, longevity, maternal excellence, and performance are all bred into this young bull! 


Lot 31 ~ Herbster Settler 930 ~ 19526265
Explorer X Seedstock X Emblynette

The Explorer progeny, as a whole, have been lighter at birth and have explosive growth—possessing a bit more frame score and length of body than their contemporaries. Herbster Settler 930 could be the most phenotypically stunning Explorer son that Herbster Angus Farms will sell this spring. Straight in his topline and correct in his foot and leg set, he will pass on those desirable skeletal traits to his offspring. His Seedstock dam, Herbster Emblynette 737, is an ideal Angus replacement with a perfect udder. She comes from a family of cows well-known for producing superior herd bulls such as our $400,000 masterpiece, International. This combination of phenotype, growth, and carcass is a unique recipe for success! 


Lot 34 ~ Herbster Sundowner 925 ~ 19526263
Sundance X Sensation X Sandpoint Blackbird 8809

Huge-footed, squishy-pasterned, and loaded with growth, Herbster Sundowner 925 is the bull we selected as the lead-off Sundance son. He has a perfectly shaped foot with a ton of bone and a beautiful, extended front end. His 79-pound birth weight suggests his calves will come lighter, and his genomic data confirms, as his HD50K BW is a moderate 29. The second-highest weaning ratio bull calf in the 2019 Herbster Angus Farms calf crop, and the heaviest yearling weight bull at a scale-crushing 1460 pounds, Sundowner is a strapping young fellow ready to add structural correctness and growth to your future. You want to know the neatest thing about him? His mother is a daughter of our $950,000 valuation, Sensation. When you combine that with her mother, our donor, Sandpoint Blackbird 8809, the $400,000 valuation “mother of herd bulls,” you have a recipe for success! “8809” has amassed over $9 million in progeny sales to date. Bred to perform, Sundowner is a sure bet! Selling ½ semen revenue sharing interest and full possession.


Lot 40 %Sim ~ Herbster Currency 912G ~ ASA 3686435
Ruby's Currency X Innocent Man 5/8 SM 3/8 AN

To start off our Simmental division, Herbster Angus Farms chose to lead with Herbster Currency 906G. We have been great friends with Mike, Kay, and Dalton Hartman since we started buying superior show heifers in their female sale in the fall of 2015. One of the best cattlemen and trendsetters in the purebred cattle business, when Mike Hartman says he has a great one, you better go look at him! Currency is one of those superior sires that Mike told us about, and we gladly used him on our cows. Bald-faced with one black eye, we’ve called this bull “Jack” since he was born. Flat-shouldered, smooth-jointed, super sound, and expressively muscled, Jack has a great disposition and presents/displays/characterizes that great flash of color everyone loves in a Simmental. He’s been a definite standout his whole life. His mother is a W/C Innocent Man out of L121, a commercial angus cow in our herd. L121 is the mother of Lot 42, another great Currency son. Jack is black and polled.  This young bull had a %IMF of 5.15 with a 15.15 REA and was only carrying .19 BF. Buy him and improve your carcass traits! 


Lot 42 %Sim ~ Herbster Explorer 919G ~ ASA 3648768
Explorer X Innocent Man 1/2 SM 1/2 AN

We ran Explorer natural service on our heifers in 2019, and Herbster Explorer 919G was the resulting mating when he was used on this exciting young, purebred Simmental female. On the bottom side of the pedigree, he goes back to HPF Ms Pep 27T, a past National Western Grand Champion. “27T” is a donor in our program, beautiful in her structure, and has one whale of an udder! “919G” combines the show ring style of “27T” and the Angus carcass excellence of Explorer in a very attractive, polled, sleek-necked, great-structured package. If you are looking for a percentage bull that you can use on heifers without sacrificing that first generation, shop no further than Lot 41! 


Dam of Lot 43
Lot 43 PB Sim ~ Herbster Chalice 913G ~ 3686433
Ruby's Currency X MC2/PHF Eternity 414B (Broker) PB SM

Herbster Chalice 913G is a son of the exciting young HCC herd bull, Ruby’s Currency, and out of our $140,000 American Royal Grand Champion Female, M2C/PHF Eternity 414B. “414B” is a massive, great-uddered, big-footed daughter of Broker. Chalice is a long-spined, sound, and thick purebred bull who ranks in the top 15% of the Simmental breed for Wean, CW, and REA. Extremely gentle, he will throw hybrid vigor at your commercial Angus cows or can be used to add flat joints and a sound structure to any Simmental base.  



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