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Sandpoint Blackbird 8809

Sandpoint Blackbird 8809, the second-highest selling cow in Angus history with a valuation of $500,000, has earned her role as one of our top donors. Ranking in the top 1% of the breed for WW and RE and in the top 2% for YW, Doc, and $W. She sets a high standard all while having an outstanding phenotype. The track record of Sandpoint Blackbird 8809 is unparalleled when talking about herd bull production, performance traits and carcass merit. She has produced three natural calves that have a BW ratio of 94, WW ratio of 116 and a YW ratio of 105. Progeny sales by “8809” have exceeded $4,000,000 in the last five years on over 40 head. She is the mother of VAR Generation 2100, VAR Index 3282, Vintage Commander 4152, VAR Ranger 3008, VAR Foreman 3339, VAR Complete 1209

and VAR Reserve 1111. Her progeny, by SAV Pursuit, rival their contemporaries for growth and numerical superiority. Check out her son, Herbster Spot Light! He is an amazing individual with superior phenotype. 

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