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When we heard of the opportunity to purchase Maverick, bring him back from Belvin Angus in Canada, and add him to our herd sire lineup, we

couldn’t say, “YES!” fast enough! It’s always nice to buy a proven, mature bull who adds so many desirable traits to your herd! His unbelievable phenotype and his breed-leading EPDs are just what our cow herd and many of our customer’s herds need. He ranks in the top 1% of Current Sires for Marb, $G, $B, and $C. 

Maverick has continued to become a staple of the industry for siring performance within his elite phenotype, while also continuing to be one of the top marbling sires of the Angus breed. 

Danny Poss, the breeder of Maverick, says, “The level of consistency with Maverick that we have appreciated for the last couple of years is being carried on still today. We are now beginning to see it within his daughters. With their first set of calves weaned, we are looking forward to their second term. At Poss Angus, we are excited to see the excellent maternal influence Maverick will have on the breed with the neat udders and easy-fleshing his daughters possess.” 

Herbster Angus Farms will be sending Maverick to North American Breeders in the spring of 2022 for domestic and international collection. Please call to get on the list and for a price on his very rare and sought-after semen!


Owned with Poss Angus, Scotia, Nebraska.

$75 per straw
$50 per certificate.
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