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SAV Ringmaster, our herd sire, was the $300,000 highest-selling and No.1 yearling weight bull of the 2012 Schaff Angus Valley

Sale. We selected him for his impressive 205-day weight of 986 to ratio 113 that put him in the top four indexing bulls in the 2011 SAV calf crop. His Emblynette dam is a heavy-milking, top producing cow with ratios of 5WW@111 and 4YW@110. The SAV

Ringmaster calves have been stand outs for growth and pounds at weaning in our herd. Look for his progeny to grow bigger, faster

and stronger than any other sire group. Packed with performance, he will add more frame score to his progeny.

Semen Available for domestic and international shipment.
$40 per straw $40 per certificate
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