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HF Blackcap May 0102

One of the top donor cows to be bred at Herbster Angus Farms, HF Blackcap May 0102 has been a “no-miss” donor. “0102” is a masterful producer of performance and genomic excellence without sacrificing phenotype. She is the mother of the $35,000 valuation Herbster Sportsman who was the second-highest-selling lot in our 2013 sale, going to Carl Dethlefs and Sons, NE. She was also responsible for the top seller in our 2015 sale, the $15,000 Herbster Sythe 4153, who sold to David Igo, MO.


“0102” produced the Class 22 Bred and Owned heifer winner at the 2015 National Junior Angus Show, Herbster Blackcap May 4135, who possesses an incredible +174.05 $B number. She is proof you can produce a competitive animal with great numbers!


Perfect uddered and exceptional on conformation, “0102” is an ideal Angus cow with superb actual performance data, ranking in the top 2% of current dams for Milk, RADG, CW and $B. She also ranks in the top 3% of current dams for $F and in the top 5% for RE. Not just a trophy cow, she can raise a calf with merit, posting 3WR@116, 2YR@109, 14IMF@100 and 14REA@104.

Her daughters in production are, by far, the most productive females at Herbster Angus Farms. 

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