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VAR Explorer 6293 is an exciting VAR Discovery son, and was the top-selling bull at $75,000. HD Analysis values this bull among the breed's elite for pre-weaning growth, post-weaning growth, milking potential, added ribeye needed for improved yield grade, added marbling, and the combined growth and carcass excellence measured by $B. Sired by the most proven balance trait sire in the breed today, VAR Discovery, his dam, was a $100,000 feature of the 2016 female sale at Vintage. His grandam is a female that has stood at the top of carcass value in the Angus breed for a decade, reminding us that superior genetics are not by accident. VAR Explorer 6293 is bred to lead in Multi-Trait excellence and he does just that posting a top 10% WW, top 3% YW, top 10% SC, top 10% CEM, top 10% CW, top 15% RE, top 2% Fat, top 5% $W, top 15% $F, top 10% $G, and top 5% $B. Moreover, this bull is excellent phenotypically, has great feet and legs, and travels as good as any bull in our lineup. Explorer will add carcass merit and numerical superiority without sacrificing phenotype. Along with Enterprise and Southern Charm, he will be our "go to" outcross bull on our SAV bred cows.

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