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DNA analysis values this bull among the breed's elite for pre-weaning growth, milking potential, added ribeye needed for improved yield grade, and the combined growth and carcass excellence measured by $Beef. 

VAR Ambassador has depth, length and power. A natural calf from our donor, VAR Rita 5063, he was born with a moderate BW of 76 pounds and just kept growing posting 982 pounds adjusted at weaning and a group-topping 1510 pounds adjusted at yearling. Ambassador's dam sold to us for a bid price of 1/2 interest at $200,000 in the 2015 Vintage Angus Ranch sale. A Sensation son, this bull is one of Ed Raithel's favorite options utilizing the performance of the Schaff program and the carcass and production of the Vintage Angus Ranch programs. Ambassador's calves are long-spined, larger-framed and attractive. They have added power and growth potential! 


$40 per straw $40 per certificate
His mother, our donor, Vintage Rita 5063. 
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