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About Herbster Angus Farms 

"The Herbster Angus Farms program is built on honesty and value, from how we market and sell our cattle and semen, to the data turned into the American Angus Association. Our customers conception rate and herd betterment are always first in our mind."


Leta Meyers Carico and Wesley Carico with their Holstein heifers in March of 1949

Our Heritage

Herbster Angus Farms was homesteaded in 1847 by Charles' great-great-grandfather, William McKendry Maddox. Charles got his start in the Angus business at the age of 11 when his grandmother, Leta Meyers Carico, bought him 65 registered Angus cows. She had no idea her initial investment would serve as the foundation of a world-recognized Angus herd. 

50 Year Angus Award


Charles W. and Judy Herbster of Herbster Angus Farms received recognition for 50 years in the Angus business. Bryce Schumann, (past CEO of the American Angus Association, Milford H. Jenkins of the Angus Foundation and Tom Burke Board of Director for the American Angus Association presented the award in 2015. 

Charles W. and Judy Herbster at the 2015 Herbster Angus Farms Bull Sale 

The Herbsters receiving the

50 Year Angus Award in 2015

Herbster Angus Farms

Falls City, Nebraska 

 Charles' boyhood home, the house was built in 1906. 


Our Herbster Angus Farm Crew 


Our very qualified staff is very knowledgeable about how our genetics work in every production situation. Feel free to contact any of us for more information on our bulls, cows or semen. 

The Conklin Company 

For nearly 40 years, Charles and Judy have brought their farming experience to help people develop their own Conklin businesses. The Herbsters were Conklin Managers from 1976 to 1991.  In 1992, they purchased the company from the Conklin family, dedicating themselves to making a difference in people’s lives with Conklin’s proven products and business opportunities.  Judy is the Conklin Company President and Chief Operating Officer, and Charles is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer.  He remains deeply rooted in agriculture and continues to be actively involved in the development and testing of Conklin agricultural  products.  The AgroVantage System is an essential part of his crop management program for corn, soybeans, wheat and dairy-quality alfalfa hay. He is passionate about sharing his experiences with growers nationwide about how they, too, can increase yields and profits of their farming operations. Charles speaks from experience about Conklin products and understands the needs and challenges of today’s farmers.  He is committed to helping keep the American farmer in business and profitable.  The Herbster’s active involvement in farming makes Conklin one of the few farmer-owned companies manufacturing and supplying products to the agricultural industry.

"It's no accident that Conklin's presence across the nation continues to expand and influence generations of Hard-working people. The core of our mission is to provide products that work as hard as you do- and because Conklin products have stood the test of time, the Conklin name is one that people trust. We do not take that trust for granted." ~ Charles W. Herbster 

Jerry Cox, Judy Herbster,

Charles W. Herbster and Kip Cullers

Kip Cullers, Judy Herbster and Charles W. Herbster 

Charles W. Herbster and Kip Cullers at a Conklin Field Day

For more information on the whole family of Conklin Products including Fastrack® Probiotic,

visit the web site at

 People from coast to coast have relied on Conklin's Fastrack animal products, Agriculture, Vehicle, Health and Home products and Roofing Systems for over 45 years.  The Herbsters undestand the value of quality, efficiency and results,

which are exemplified in each product division. 


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