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North Face

Like most American operations, we love to PUSH the envelope. Herbster Angus Farms is known for pressing the LIMITS of what’s POSSIBLE. We’ve always prided ourselves in selecting genetics that grow BIGGER, FASTER, and STRONGER in any environment. We love that our bulls are used in every TERRAIN in the United States and 11 foreign countries. Always looking for the next HAND HOLD up the mountainside, we actively seek out bulls that fix things in our own herd and can take us to the PINNACLE. When we find him, WE JUST KNOW. From the moment we recognize greatness in a young sire, we latch on to him—he gives us direction for our operation to EXPAND. You always need a compass for success, and when times get tough, we go back to what we know will take us to the TOP. Find your herd’s TRUE NORTH with NORTH FACE.

$40 per straw $40 per certificate
North Face.jpg
SAV Blackcap May 1808.jpg
His mother, SAV Blackcap May 1808. 
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