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RB Lady Standard 305-890

When RB Lady Standard 305-890 was purchased in the winter of 2014 for $175,000, we knew the impact her birth-to-yearling

spread paired with our “power” bulls would create. She ranks as the No. 1 cow with a .77 accuracy for birth-to-yearling spread. A full

sister to RB Active Duty, “890” has produced over $2,700,000 in progeny sales, all because of her predictable genomic profiles and

exceptional actual performance data. She has far exceeded our expectations in just one calf crop, producing a phenomenal set of

calves no matter what bull she is paired with. She is the mother of our calving ease sires, the $275,000 Gaffney Game Changer and

the $250,000 Gaffney Game On.

RB Lady Standard 305-890 is a total package cow, possessing EPDs that rank in the top 1% of current dams for Milk and $W. She ranks in the top 2% for $B in the top 3% for WW, and Fat. She also ranks in the top 4 or 5% for YW, RE, $F and CW. Her progeny perform the way her numbers read. She is also an amazing individual phenotypically; she’s smooth, long-sided and complete, standing on a big foot. Massively ribbed, she is as thick as you can make an Angus cow without giving up maternal merit. She is the most fertile cow in the Angus breed; since we purchased her, she has produced 209 No. 1 embryos in seven natural flushes! 

Her sons, Game Changer and Game On. Semen is available on both bulls. Contact Brittany to order. 
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