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Lucky Seven

Owned with KDS Angus, Lenox, Iowa


Our 2023 top-selling bull at $85,000, Herbster Lucky Seven 256 is extremely impressive in his power, leg structure, and masculinity.  A “man among boys,” his growth potential exploded after weaning. You will be blown away by the overall mass and power of this bull! He had an adjusted weaning weight of 782 to ratio 111.


Genomic analysis ranks this young bull in the elite percentiles for WW, YW, CW, and RE.


He ranks in the top 5% of Non-Parent sires for Marb, the top 3%, WW, $G and CW; the top 2% for YW, $B and $C.

His mother, Herbster Blackbird 616, has 4WW@101, 2YW@106, 2IMF@140, and 2RE@102. She is currently a featured donor in our program. 


Lucky Seven's maternal granddam is “the mother of herd bulls,” Sandpoint Blackbird 8809. “8809” is the second highest-selling cow in Angus history with a valuation of $500,000 and has total progeny sales topping $9 million to date. She is the dam of the $1.46 million VAR Power Play. 

$40 per straw 
$40 per certificate

Commerical pricing available.

T/D Doc Ryan, His sire
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