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SAV America 8018 is our $1,887,500 valuation all-time, top-selling, world-record son of President.  He literally shattered every record including the all-time record at Schaff Angus Valley for 205-day weight at 1107 pounds and the most money ever paid for a bull in history, selling for 80% semen interest at 1.51 million dollars.  He is a "one of a kind" breeding piece, resulting from the last embryo produced out of the legendary SAV Madame Pride 0075, who has produced over $5.5 million dollars in progeny sales to date. America is truly unique.  He will be an important part of the Herbster Angus Farms breeding program and forever represent the great country we live in. 


$80 per straw
$80 per Certificate. 

SAV America 8018 2 Year Old.jpg
Click Video link above to view the sale of
SAV America. Contact us via phone at
402-801-1420 to order.
His mother, SAV Madame Pride 0075. She has generated over $5.5 million dollars in progeny sales for Schaff Angus Valley, and was in the herd until she was 20 years old.  
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