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Masterful Collection Practices
Superior Quality Semen
Outstanding Customer Service  

Tim and Jean Schofield's dream became a reality when North American Breeders was established in 1970. They combined their passion, knowledge and hard work to develop their business. They have set the standard for collecting and caring for top registered herd sires. To ensure North American Breeders continues to serve cattlemen far into the future, Charles W. Herbster, owner of Herbster Angus Farms, purchased the bull stud. Charles is committed to insuring the legacy and will provide the same masterful collection practices, superior quality semen, and outstanding customer service that made North American Breeders famous. This purchase also enables Charles to continue marketing premium Herbster Angus Farms semen, on a breeder to breeder basis, to both commercial and registered operations alike. 

Pictured from Left to Right: Charles W. Herbster, President and Chief Executive Officer; 

Brittany E. Barker, Executive Vice President; Jean Schofield,Vice President of Finance; 

and Tim Schofield,Vice President of Operations

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