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VAR Rita 5063

Vintage Rita 5063 is our $400,000 valued donor that continues to gain traction as an up-and-coming female in the Vintage Angus Ranch and the Herbster Angus Farms programs. A beautiful, angular, great producing cow, the progeny of “5063” sold at public auction have been top sellers. VAR Rita 8576 sold for $45,000 in the 2019 Vintage Angus Ranch Sale, selling to Spruce Mountain Angus. Her best son, by SAV Sensation, is VAR Ambassador. We selected him as our $50,000 pick of the 2018 Vintage Angus Ranch Bull Sale, partnering with Linz Heritage Angus.

Numerically superior and phenotypically excellent, VAR Rita 5063 is a major

contributor to our program. She has a huge $B EPD of +204 and ranks in the top

1% of Current Dams for YW, YH, RADG, SC, $G, and $B. She also ranks in the top 2% of Current Dams for Doc, CW, Marb, $F, and $B. She posts 6IMF@105. A son by Seedstock, Herbster Genesis 945, sold in  our 2020 sale to Wilde Angus, Minnesota. 

Lot 14.jpg
Her sons, Ambassador and Herbster Genesis 945. Semen is available on Ambassador. Contact us at 402-801-1420 to order. 
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