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Deer Valley Henrietta 3131

Deer Valley Henrietta 3131 is the mother of VAR Enterprise, our second selection of the 2017 Vintage Angus Ranch Bull Sale. 

His mother, Deer Valley Henrietta 3131, has a

beautiful udder and is a very proven and productive cow. Enterprise’s first calves hit the ground running last spring—they were outliers for phenotype at Herbster Angus Farms, and they were easily distinguishable from the rest of the calves for their smoothness and explosive muscle. He makes a superior outcross on Schaff Angus Valley genetics! The first 22 head recorded with the American Angus Association ratioed 99 at birth and grew

to average 102 at weaning. In addition, the first six head submitted at yearling also ratioed 102.

We have America calves coming soon out of her! 

Enterprise copy.jpg
Her son, Enterprise. Semen is available on Ambassador. Contact us at 402-801-1420 to order. 
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