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SAV International is our $400,000 record-selling Lot 1 bull from the 2013 SAV sale. He has become one of the most popular, potent, highly respected and widely used sires in the Angus breed. He represents all the qualities in an ideal beef bull. He is thick and perfect footed with performance and superior structure.


The SAV International progeny are consistent, and stamped with incredible thickness, muscle and breed-leading performance. They are

standouts at a very young age and rise to the top of their calf crops in every program that has utilized International. His sons have big ribeye areas and his daughters are massive and easy fleshing with the look of brood matrons.


His fifth-generation Pathfinder dam, who sold for $250,000 in the 2016 SAV sale, is breed icon SAV Emblynette 5483. She is a

phenomenal producer with striking femininity, superb body type, impeccable udder quality and ideal foot structure. She has a weaning ratio of 104 on eight natural calves.

Semen Available for domestic and international shipment.
$40 per straw $40 per certificate
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