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Have you had success using our genetics? 


Contact us with success stories about how Herbster Angus Farms genetics have helped your herd! 


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We are proud of our customer success 

“We believe in being proactive in our breeding decisions, thinking progressively about our cow herd and aggressively searching out genetics that will take the cattle industry by storm. Our bulls will genetically impact herds by providing superior phenotype, unparalleled maternal traits and 

industry leading performance.”

Kelly Schaff, St. Anthony, ND  


"The International semen has yielded us superior conception rates in both our AI program and in embryo transfer, as well as with in vitro fertilization. We always end up with 10-15% higher conception rates compared to most sires collected at other studs. The International calves are absolutely outstanding here and everywhere he has been used." 

Gene Knop, Ida Grove, IA 


"Our conception rate was excellent in our 2015 calf crop when using Herbster Angus Farms semen. The added concentration really pays off for customers like us. In 2016, we will have our 75th Anniversary sale in which we will be proud to offer progeny out of Herbster Angus Farms bulls. With the addition of those genetics, we think this is the best calf crop we’ve had in many years.”  

Gene was the 2014 Iowa Seedstock

Producer of the Year 

Maben Larsen, Holden, UT 


“In our ET program, we experienced a 50% higher number of transferable embryos when switching to a Herbster Angus Farms herd sire. I am a believer in Herbster Angus Farms' high-quality semen!” 

Brandt Pieper, Hays Springs, NE


“I would like to thank Herbster Angus Farms for exceptional service and quality genetics. My SAV International calves are truly outstanding. I have never seen a bull dominate the phenotype of his offspring like International. His combination of quality, consistency and exceptional conception rate make him a very special bull that will make a lasting mark in my herd for years to come.”     

Dean Thomann, Riverside, IA


"When going to all the trouble to set up cows for AI, you want the best possible outcome. I purchased 10 straws of SAV International semen from Herbster Angus Farms in 2014 and had 10 live calves.  At 40 million cells per straw, the high-quality semen helped accomplish my goal of improving my conception rate.”  

Les Gale, Beaver, UT 


“Herbster Angus Farms semen made our conception rates go through the roof! On a group of cows we bred to SAV International, we had a 100% conception rate. The strength of the semen produced at North American Breeders makes it easy to use superior genetics.”  

Odom Place Angus, Columbiana, KY 


“We had 100% conception rates with Herbster Angus Farms semen. The increase of reproduction efficiency and higher profitability on our farm is directly related to Herbster Angus Farms’ semen. The quality of the semen has given our program a better "bang for our buck.”

Brozik Angus Ranch 
Winner, SD 


“Last spring, we used 10 straws of International in our AI program, which resulted in 11 live calves on the ground!  We had 9 singles and one set of twins.  With the potent semen, our cows had phenomenal conception rates; moreover, the calves are exceptional.  With outstanding sires and superior semen quality, our ranch will continue to use Herbster Angus Farms genetics to help us improve our herd.”

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