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Conklin Company Inc. and BASF Corporation Lay Groundwork for Future Business Expansion

Nebraska Business Owner Seeks to Provide More Quality Options to U.S. Roofing Market

Falls City, Nebraska — Nebraska businessman Charles W. Herbster, Owner, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Conklin Company Inc., recently led a group of Conklin executives to one of the oldest mill towns in the northeast region to cement a new business relationship that will provide the American roofing industry with more product options in the market.

As the head of the Conklin Company, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, with corporate offices in Kansas City, Missouri, and Omaha, Nebraska, Mr. Herbster oversees the manufacturing of more than 130 superior quality products across six major product divisions, one of which formulated one of the first acrylic roofing coatings that continues to deliver unsurpassed value for building owners, property managers, and contractors throughout the country. In addition, Mr. Herbster also serves as Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Herbster Angus Farms Inc. (Falls City), Carico Farms Inc. (Falls City), and North American Breeders Inc. (Berryville, Virginia), and continues to serve as the National Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee for President Donald J. Trump. Mr. Herbster is utilizing his vast business knowledge to forge a unique business venture with Cooley Group based out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Cooley Group is the world-wide leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative, sustainable, high-performance engineered membranes used in some of the world’s most high-profile outdoor advertising; architectural building dress; environmental protection; water, fuel, and chemical containment; military; and roofing initiatives. Founded in 1929, this highly diversified solutions manufacturer is an expert in polymer technology and coated industrial textiles. With a 90-year history of proven performance, Cooley Group provides sustainable solutions and makes an excellent strategic partner with the Conklin Company to develop a premier engineered roofing membrane.

“The Cooley Group has a well-earned reputation for creating and producing some of the finest roofing products for many of the largest building material manufacturers in the world,” explained Beau McCoy, Conklin Roofing Systems Marketing Director. “The synergy between Cooley’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and Conklin’s standard of quality will be exciting to watch in the coming years.”

Conklin’s new strategic partnership with Cooley Group will allow the joint venture to bring to the market Flexion® XL, a next-generation, 60-mil PVC membrane designed and created exclusively for Conklin contractors. This state-of-the-art membrane utilizes the very latest in commercial roofing technology to provide building owners equaled value and performance.

“This new partnership with the Cooley Group is a significant step forward for Conklin to provide more quality products—like Flexion XL—to our contractors,” added former Governor Dave Heineman, member of Conklin’s Board of Directors and the longest-serving governor for the state of Nebraska.

Flexion XL was introduced to an elite group of contractors in late November. Conklin will incorporate this new product into its Advanced Roofing Systems Training programs starting in early 2018 and plans to make Flexion XL available for purchase in mid-2018.

“This joint venture provides Conklin with a solid relationship with another family-owned manufacturer that is based in America and committed to growing jobs and sparking free enterprise,” stated Charles W. Herbster. “Conklin is moving forward with this highly respected company, paving the way for future business expansion in the roofing industry, and is committed to providing contractors with quality products that are unmatched on the market today.”

In early August, Conklin announced that it and BASF Corporation out of Houston, Texas, are laying the groundwork for future joint ventures in the commercial roofing industry. Additional details regarding Conklin’s and BASF’s joint venture and the new business relationship between Cooley Group and Conklin Company and its work on the new single-ply roofing membrane, Flexion XL, will be released in the near future.

Pictured From left to right: David Lunati, Cooley Group Executive Vice President and General Manager Sales and Customer Service; Stephen Siener, Cooley Group Vice President and General Manager/Principal; Charles W. Herbster, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Conklin Company Inc., Herbster Angus Farms Inc., Carico Farms Inc., North American Breeders Inc.; Dan Dwight, Cooley Group President/Chief Executive Officer; Jim Hysong, Conklin Company Senior Vice President; and Mike DeSouto, Cooley Group General Manager of Building Products

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