2020 Herbster Angus Farms Bull Sale

1:00 PM, April, 2020 

 ~ Marysville Livestock Auction ~ Marysville, KS ~

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Lot 1 ~ Herbster Passion 817 ~ 19178042

We are once again offering a set of spectacular sons by our $950,000 valuation, calving-ease specialist, Sensation. We can’t say enough about how consistent and powerful this set of bulls out of our matriarch and “mother of herd bulls,” Sandpoint Blackbird 8809 are! She has produced over $8,875,000 in progeny sales and is the mother of the top-selling and then world-record selling bull in Angus history, the $1,460,000 valuation VAR Power Play. 


Delving further into the pedigree, this mating ties “8809,” the highest income producing cow at Vintage Angus ranch, with SAV Blackcap May 4136, the highest income-producing cow in the history of Schaff Angus Valley. She has produced over $9.5 million in progeny sales to date, and is the paternal grand dam of the new world record selling Angus bull, our 1.8 million dollar bull, SAV America! What an opportunity to add these two great donors into your cow herd in one generation! 


The Lot 1 Bull, Herbster Passion 817, is the heaviest weaning weight bull of the 2018 Herbster Angus Farms calf crop at an impressive 1004 pounds. He is soft, sound, big-scrotaled and has a great disposition. He ranks in the top 15 % of non-parent sires for CW and; the top 10% for WW, YW, $F, $W, $QG, and $B; and in the top 3% for REA. He has a massive top and hits the ground with a nicely constructed, correct foot. 

Lot 6 ~ Herbster Rave 894 ~ 19300893

In previous sales, we have offered some pretty exciting sons of International and "8809." This year’s crop of bulls out of this mating are no different. Herbster Rave 894 has the same look, power and performance as the rest of his full siblings that have sold in the past going to progressive breeders in Nebraska and averaging over $10,000 each. Needing no introduction, Sandpoint Blackbird 8809 has produced over $8,875,000 in progeny sales and is the mother of the top-selling and then world-record selling bull in Angus history, the $1,460,000 valuation VAR Power Play. 


We wanted to blend the carcass merit of the VAR program with the true performance of Schaff Angus Valley by mating "8809" to our $400,000 performance mogul, International. One of our most powerful bulls sells as Lot 6. With the highest $B EPD in the sale of +190.74, this bull will add value with every calf. He ranks in the top 3% of Non-Parent Bulls for RADG and CW and in the top 1% for WW, YW, $F, and $B. Further, genomically, he ranks in the elite for WW, YW, MW, CW, and RE. 


Lot 13 ~ Herbster Present 836 ~ 19300900

There’s always an air of excitement when a program offers its first set of calves for sale out of a world-class bull. When Charles purchased SAV President for a valuation of $938,500 as the world-record selling bull in the 2017 Schaff Angus Valley Sale, we couldn’t wait to put his genetics into our herd and use him on our top donors. It was only logical to breed the #1, proven, birth to yearling spread cow in the breed, RB Lady Standard 305-890 to him! Structurally correct, easy fleshing and packing a ton of great genetics, Herbster Present 836 has been a stand-out since birth. 14 maternal brothers to this great bull have averaged $18,000 each through the Herbster Angus Farms sale ring. Conscientious bull buyers choose them every year to add the “890” influence into heir herds because of proven calving ease and performance. The Lot 13 bull ranks in the top 4% of Non-Parent sires for $W and in the top 10% for WW, YW and Fat. 


Lot 18 ~ Herbster Vivid 812 ~ 19178053

This incredibly sound and soft son of Herbster Spot Light and our 2016 National Junior Angus Show Grand Champion Owned Female, CCC Saras Dream 5116, is big time with a unique pedigree. Vivid’s lineage includes the phenotype and production of the Saras Dream family, who are the mothers of many champions and also a powerful force behind our herd sire, Southern Charm.  In addition, Vivid has some great carcass merit and revenue-generating potential with Riverbend Blackcap 8809 close in his pedigree.


This bull could be the most exciting prospect to sell in 2019 with this much look. He posts a great marbling EPD of +.80, the second-highest in the sale, and ranks in the 23rd percentile genomically for that trait. A maternal sister was selected as the Division 1 Reserve Champion Female at the 2018 National Junior Angus Show in Madison, Wisconsin for Miranda Raithel. 


 If you are looking for a bull that will give you a great bump of pedigree recognition without throwing phenotype and hair out the window, this is your bull! You want to know the best part? He's a double-digit calving ease bull with an actual 79 pound birthweight, which is the cherry on top! 


Lot 19 ~ Herbster Thrill 7236 ~ 19178051

Herbster Thrill 7236 combines two different worlds into one great pedigree. The revenue generating power of SAV Blackcap May 4136, the mother of his sire, SAV Sensation,  takes care of the performance merit, while the awesome phenotype and show ring style of CCC Sara's Dream 5116 will handle the look. Both females are exceptional in what they do, and we thought putting them together was a dynamite idea. Thrill is long-sided and sound made with the look of a true calving-ease bull. He's sound at the ground with a great flex to his pastern and hock. Look for him to add rib, calving ease and maternal traits to any cow herd. An 18-month-old bull, he could really cover some cows in his first year! Gentle enough to take to the next show, he is sure to sire some great calves to improve productivity and to grab at those purple banners.  The way this bull is constructed, we believe he will be a calving ease option with his actual 62 pound birthweight. A larger-framed bull, we believe he will also add some frame score to his calves.  


Lot 27 ~ Herbster Discovery 814 ~ 19353910

The Discovery cattle have worked extremely well in our environment at Herbster Angus Farms. We love the way they grow fast and wean heavy. The mother of Lot 26, Herbster Madame Pride 3127, is a Pathfinder® in our herd. His maternal grand dam is a 3/4 sister to the mother of SAV America, our 1.51 million-dollar, world-record and top-selling bull of the 2019 Schaff Angus Valley sale. 

His dam is a very productive part of our program and has 4WW@107, and 2YW@105, and 2REA@105. 

Lot 30 ~ Herbster Begin 895 ~ 19300887

A superb performing Seedstock son, Herbster Begin 895 combines the cow power of the Blackcap May family with the well-known growth of the Basin Lucy family. Straight in his lines and athletic in his structure, he is one of Ed's favorite bulls. He had am impressive WW of 890 to ratio 107. His mother, HF lucy 147, is an idea-framed, easy-keeping female with the growth potential of Basin Lucy 178E to back her. She has 5WR@106, 4YW@101, 4IMF@104, and 4REA@101. Herbster Begin 895 ranks in the top 10% of Non-Parent sires for WW, Milk, RE, and $B. He ranks in the top 4% for $W and in the top 2% for CW. A maternal brother is working for Gerald Kealiher, Nebraska. 



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